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Our vision

We believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will unlock another era of public safety, and that the R&D and deployment of computer vision and deep learning technologies will make the building safer.

About Us

Virtual eForce LLC is a Seattle-based tech company  with mission to minimize casualties in mass shooting. Using the most innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we developed a gun detection and building lockdown system – GunLockers™. Guns can be detected using existing surveillance cameras and our machine learning algorithms. Security staffs will be notified in no time through our cloud-based messaging and mobile app services, and they can immediately activate building lockdown after confirmation of the alert. 

Next-generation public safety

GunLockers™ is a smart video threat detection and response system. It uses AI technology to detect guns using existing IP camera system. ocal AI computation with data governance program and no personal data with NO privacy risks.

Swift notification

Security staff, police patrol and first responders can be informed in seconds through MMS text message, emails or mobile apps when gun is detected in surveillance camera. One-button building lockdown could be activated even before the gunshot.

Track& report shooters location

No more blindness in school lockdown. Our algorithm can locate and track the active shooter(s) in real time. The approximate location of shooter can be updated to the police and security through text message, emails, mobile apps and PA announcement.

Save time & lives

Our system can process multiple video streams, detect the gun and send notifications in real time. It is 10 times faster than detection by humans who watch multiple video camera screens. For any time saved for lockdown, many lives could be saved.

Make your cameras smarter

It utilizes existing IP cameras from school for our gun detection system. No interruption with the existing CCTV system operations. The upfront installation cost will be significantly reduced without adding new sets of cameras and replacing the existing systems.

GunLockers™ is very cost effective

Our price includes the license using the software, hardware, AI server, captured cloud storage, cloud based text messaging service, email & mobile notification, and technical support.

Unlimited upgrades

No additional cost for upgrading to the best AI models and algorithms. No annual contract required, no additional maintenance cost & hidden fees.

Frees up security

The program works for you 24/7 without rest at a minimum cost. No overtime wages or employee benefits required. They also have a higher efficiency than human eyes.

Is GunLockers™ right for your building?

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